Pretty much exactly what it says: fake cis girl.

Mid-30s, Washington (the state), queer trans woman of color of the mixed-race variety.

If you don’t get “looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker”, it’s a reference to Easy Spirit shoes, made in the 80s and 90s, which claimed to “feel like a sneaker”. Anyone who ever wore the things knows that’s more BS than a pile of cow manure, but it was a heck of a tagline, and I think that concept suits being me pretty well, too.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi!

    I have just discovered your blog, and your tumblr, and I think the work you do is amazing. Particularly in centring ableism into conversations about the trans experience, the sidelining of disability, even in communities of colour is so messed up.

    I’m so sorry you have experienced so much gross stuff from white ppl and trans guys. There isn’t really a trans support system where I live but when I see things, like tumblr, it makes me almost glad because it all looks very scary and horrible! :/

    But um yes I just wanted to wish you good things, I really do, I know blog comments are a rather awkward format for communication, well I’m socially awkward so maybe just for me anyway(!), but I really hope you are well and happy ❤


    p.s if it is okay I would love to add you to my link list on my blog? I totally understand if you would rather not, I just think more people could benefit from reading your work, too much writing online by white trans guys y'kno?

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