Tip Jar

I’ve received a couple of requests from people looking to find out how to support my blog, and by extension, me. I had a tip jar on my old blog, Erica Ascendant, and figured maybe it was time to put one on this blog, too. Blogging isn’t easy, and the coffee that powers it isn’t cheap, and it’s no fun being a small girl in a neoliberal empire in decline, especially one who the MRAs really, really hate.

Please do not take this as a formal solicitation for money, as I’m not asking for it, but providing a way to let you throw me a few bucks if you want to to support that coffee and the work that I do…and the beer that I drink. Ericas love beer. I thank you if you can support my blog, but completely understand if you can’t or choose not to, and think no less of you for it.

So, without further ado…and with the explanation it still says you’re donating to my old blog, since changing an account name with PayPal is slightly harder than pushing an elephant up the stairs…

Tip Jar (via PayPal)


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